Medical/Professional Staff Search Results

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Name SpecialtyLanguagesOrganizationOffice Location
Allen, Brooke E., CRNP. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Allias, Mary Carcella, PA-C. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalNew Alexandria 15670 
Altieri, Andrea Nicole, PA-C. General Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Armanious, Christina S., DO. Internal Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Arrigo, Lora, CRNP. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Arulanantham, Gowri, MD. Psychiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Assefa, Aster, MD. Family Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Augustine, Mary Colleen, CRNP. Cardiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Avolio, Kim Renee, DO. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Barr, Lisa Marie, MD. Emergency Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Bartolomucci, Rebecca Lynn, PA-C. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Basile, Sherry, PA-C. Endocrinology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Baum, Alicia, MD. Dermatology  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Bautista, Femabelle, DO. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Beal, Vicki Lynn, CRNP. Psychiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Belak, Michele, MD. Emergency Medicine English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Bell, Bethany, PA-C. General Surgery  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Bellissimo, Brenda Sue, PA-C. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  Latrobe HospitalPittsburgh 15261 
Beres, Lauren Ashley, PA-C. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalDelmont 15626 
Blosser, Lara Hall, PA-C. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Boast, Clare, PA-C. Hematology - Oncology, Physician Assistant  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Bosley, Nicole, MD. ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)/Otolaryngology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Bretz, Beth Ann, CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNew Stanton 15672 
Bucci, Kimberly, MD. Anesthesiology English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Burns, Harumi U., MD. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Bursch, Susan Duckett, DO. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Campbell, Barbara, MD. Orthopedic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalSomerset 15501 
Canavan, Amanda Wojewoda, PA-C. Orthopedic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Caslow, Susan A., MD. Emergency Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Castille, Molly Martha, MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalNorvelt 15674 
Catalano, Kathleen F., MD. Pediatrics English Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Chirigos, Stephanie P., DO. Internal Medicine English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Christner, Laurie Marie, CRNP. General Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Cindric, Cherrie Fabry, DPM. Podiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Clark, Margaret Louise, MD. Radiology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Clark, Mary Jo, MD. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Clemens, Elizabeth Anna, MD. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Cline, Sally Ann, CRNP. Cardiology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Coats, Debra C, CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalForbes Road 15633 
Comer, Tara Ann, PA-C. Psychiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Constantine, Jill M., MD. Family Medicine English Westmoreland HospitalJeannette 15644 
Cunnard, Vicki A., CRNP. Emergency Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Custer, Nadine O., PA-C. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Czekanski, Katherine Jane, PA-C. Orthopedic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Dashefsky, Geneen, DO. Internal Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Davis, Helen A., MD. Ophthalmology English Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Detschelt, Elizabeth L., MD. Vascular Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Dillon, Amy Lynn, CRNP. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Dlugos, Jody E., PA-C. Family Medicine, Physician Assistant  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Donoughe, Linsey J., PA-C. Pediatrics, Physician Assistant  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Douglas, Jennifer A., MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalDelmont 15626 
Dowling, Maryann Coates, CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Draghi, Mary Pat, CRNP. OB-Gyn, Gynecology English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Dutt, Rinku M., MD. Ophthalmology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Eckenrode, Donna Lynn, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Eisaman, Subarna H., MD. Radiation Oncology  Westmoreland HospitalJohnstown 15901 
Eisler, Elizabeth Ann, PA-C. Sports Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Ellis, Kayla Marie, CRNP. OB-Gyn  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Erdos, Jennifer Ann, MD. Orthopedic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Esposito, Rachel Fasson, DO. Family Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Farina-Mazur, MaryBeth, CRNP. Gastroenterology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Farmer, Joyce A., DPM. Podiatry  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Farmer, Mary Ann, DPM. Podiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Fleming, Maureen C., DO. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Florendo, Christine C, MD. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Fontana, Leah M., PA-C. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Fowler, Melinda Ann, PA-C. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalBlairsville 15717 
Geiger, Rebecca M., PA-C. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Gemmell, Tracy Jo, MD,FACOG. Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Gergely, Mallory N., CRNP. OB-Gyn  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Gillespie, Stacy S., DO. Physical Medicine & Rehab  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Gilmour, Carol H., MD,MPH. Neonatology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Golden, Taylor Anne, PA-C. Neurosurgery  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Gonzales, Razel Siron, MD. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Graham-Pardus, Abigail, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNew Stanton 15672 
Gretz-Ward, Rhonda, DPM. Podiatry English Westmoreland HospitalScottdale 15683 
Gretz-Zambruno, Kimberly A., DDS. Dental Medicine  Frick HospitalScottdale 15683 
Groves, Lindsey A., PsyD. Psychology - Clinical  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Gutti, Bindu M., MD. Psychiatry  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Halaut, Kari Anne, CRNP. Hospitalist  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Hanley, Kristen Marie, MD. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Haykin, Martha Ellen, MD. Neurology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Hazy, Marian Virginia, CRNP. Family Medicine, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Headings, Alana Marie, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Hegemann, Emily R., PA-C. Orthopedic Surgery, Physician Assistant  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Hildenbrand, Lisa A., MD. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Ivanova, Valentyna D., MD. Cardiology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Jabbour, Muna N., MD. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNew Stanton 15672 
Jackson, Jodi Lea, MD. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Jacobson, Michele Lynn, DO,FACOG. Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Johns, Rachelle Lynn, MD. Gastroenterology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Judy, Tami L., CRNP. Neurology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kad, Manjusha, MD. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Keefe, Kristina M., PA-C. Hospitalist, Physician Assistant  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kendrick, Kathryne Hannan, PA-C. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Physician Assistant  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kiefer, Gauri J., MD. Hematology - Oncology  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kielbiowski, Jill M., MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Kohl, Brittany L., CRNP. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kreutel, Amy Haas, MD. Radiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Kunkle, Carol Ann, DPM. Podiatry  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Lang, Karen Ann, MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Lazzaro, Karen K., MD. Internal Medicine English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Leggett, Lindsay B., PA-C. Urology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Leonida, Jennifer Elaine, CRNP. Family Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
LiVecchi, Alexandra L., CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalForbes Road 15633 
Lombardozzi-Lane, Susan, MD. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Lopez-Arredondo, Yahaira Lucia, MD. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Luck, Kerry Ann, MD. Anesthesiology  Frick HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Luther, Karen, DPM. Podiatry English Westmoreland HospitalMcMurray 15317 
Lynch, Corinne I., MD. Radiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Madaan, Rajni, MD. Internal Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Mandava, Karuna S., MD. Neurology  Westmoreland HospitalIrwin 15642 
Marquette, Maria Kimmel, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalJeannette 15644 
Marts, Stacy Lee, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Mathos, Julia T, DO. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalRilton 15678 
Mattis, Michele Lee, PsyD. Psychology - Clinical  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Maxwell, Beth Ann, MD,FACOG. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
McDanel, Jennifer Leigh, PA-C. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
McDowell, Kimberly Anne, PA-C. Gastroenterology  Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
McGrain, Alicia Renee, CRNP. Hematology - Oncology  Latrobe HospitalGreensburg 15601 
McIlnay, Victoria Ann, CRNP. Cardiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Mears, Ashley S., PA-C. Neurosurgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Mejia, Laura Virginia, MD. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Meneghini, Janine Marie, CRNP. Cardiology  Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Miller, Ashleigh Jo, PA-C. Dermatology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Monsour, Miroya J., MD. Ophthalmology  Westmoreland HospitalJeannette 15644 
Mueseler, Eileen A., DO. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Muka, Diane H., MA. Psychology - Clinical  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Natale, Jill M., PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Navalgund, Brinda, MD. Pain Management  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Navarre, Diane L., CRNP. Cardiology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Patterson, Heather Marie, PA-C. Internal Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Penatzer, Brandi Lynne, PA-C. Pain Management  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Penrose, Jennifer R., CRNP. Thoracic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalIrwin 15642 
Penzera-Ulicne, Heather Lee, CRNP. Pain Management, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Perez, Krista Helleson, PA-C. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Pfeifer, Kendall Lynn, PA-C. Radiology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Pfeifer, Linda, CRNP. Hematology - Oncology  Frick HospitalMonroeville 15146 
Piccolo, Jill R., PA-C. Neurology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Pieren, Sara K., MD. Anesthesiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Piper, Cathy C, CRNP. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalJeannette 15644 
Pistentis, Melanie Irene, PA-C. Urology  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Plevelich, Natalie J., DO. OB-Gyn  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Putnam, Suzanne Elise, MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalSaltsburg 15681 
Quel, Rebecca A., MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Rao, Gutti Parvathi, MD. Anesthesiology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Rathgeb, Michelle Anne, MD. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Repak, Dawn L., CRNP. Cardiology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Roe, Danielle A., MD. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalBlairsville 15717 
Romantino, Tiffany K., MD. Pain Management, Anesthesiology  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Rosato-Lange, Pamela A., CRNP. Neurosurgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Rubino, Stephanie Marie, MD. Urology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Rumbaugh, Angela Rae, PA-C. Radiology English Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Russo, Carly C., PA-C. Orthopedic Surgery - Foot and Ankle  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Sah, Neera, MD. Anesthesiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Sawyers, Ashley M., PA-C. General Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Scaffardi, Rachel N., PA-C. Sports Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Schleifer, Amy Elizabeth, PA-C. Pain Management  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Shah, Nutan, MD. Anesthesiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Shapaka, Sherica, CRNP. Cardiothoracic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Shields, Michelle K., CRNP. Nephrology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Shipley, Ann J., CRNP. Family Medicine  Frick HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Shipley, Rachel Ann, MD. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Slater, Becky Ann, DO. Emergency Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Smail, Rene', CRNP. Psychiatry  Westmoreland HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Smouse, Kristina, CRNP. OB-Gyn  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Snively, Kelly R, CRNP. OB-Gyn  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
South, Anna Kathryn, CRNP. General Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Spiegel, Christina Nicole, PA-C. Cardiothoracic Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Steele, Brittany E., CRNP. Family Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLigonier 15658 
Stepanek, Suzana, MD. Internal Medicine English Latrobe HospitalLigonier 15658 
Stevenson, Rachel Mary, PA-C. Hematology - Oncology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Stewart, Jennifer Beth, CRNP. Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Svidron, Judith A., CRNP. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Szwerc, Stephanie L., PA-C. Hematology - Oncology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Tetil, Emily Louise, CRNP. Intensivist - Critical Care, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Toth, Brenda S., CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Treter, Sarah Dunn, MD. General Surgery, Endocrine Surgery  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Trice, Chantal E., CRNP. Cardiology, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Turkewitz, Randi Brooke, MD. OB-Gyn, Gynecology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Vavilathota, Sunitha, MD. Anesthesiology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Vitale, Michelle Elizabeth, PA-C. Nephrology  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Vukelic, Valarie Meredith, DO. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalMt. Pleasant 15666 
Walker, Heather Lynn, MD. Emergency Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Wang, Barbara Kay, MD,FACP. Internal Medicine, Geriatrics  Latrobe HospitalLatrobe 15650 
Wang, Hai Wei, MD. Psychiatry  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Weaver, Megan E., PA-C. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Weinhofer, Susan A., CRNP. Pediatrics  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Wightman, Shirley Jean, CRNP. Internal Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalForbes Road 15633 
Wiltrout, Leanne, CRNP. Hospitalist  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Zahid, Maliha, MD,FACC. Cardiology  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Zakutney, Mary Ann, MD,PhD. Family Medicine  Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642 
Zhang, Ruodan, MD. Pathology  Westmoreland HospitalGreensburg 15601 
Ziadeh, Rana, MD. Pediatrics English Westmoreland HospitalNorth Huntingdon 15642